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Mapping Our Genes

Multiple Choice Questions / Std 10 SSC Science Notes / Maharashtra 10th SSC State Board

Mapping Our Genes is a chapter in Maharashtra 10th SSC Board Biology Textbook. Here, we present Multiple Choice Questions to learn on Mapping Our Genes. These questions are totally based on latest Science Textbook of SSC Board. This Biology learning module is of Multiple Choice Questions format. These are the SSC notes on the chapter Mapping Our Genes. Learn this Biology quiz module daily to strengthen your Biology fundamentals and score full marks in SSC Board Exams. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Biology learning module to you.

Chapter 13: Mapping Our Genes - SSC Notes

Multiple Choice Questions - Learning Mode

Question 1 » The ______ provides general basic design of the body.
Answer: inheritance

Question 2 » ______ is defined as the transmission of traits.
Answer: Heredity

Question 3 » Crosses involing only red and white flowers were ______ called crosses.
Answer: monohybrid

Question 4 » The quantity of hormones produced by the plants depends upon the efficiency of the concerned ______.
Answer: enzyme

Question 5 » The number of chromosomes for a particular species is ______.
Answer: specific

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