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Amazing World of Carbon Compounds

Multiple Choice Questions/ Std 10 SSC Science Notes / Maharashtra 10th SSC State Board

Amazing World of Carbon Compounds is a chapter in Maharashtra 10th SSC Board Chemistry Textbook. Here, we present Multiple Choice Questions to learn on Amazing World of Carbon Compounds. These questions are totally based on latest Science Textbook of SSC Board. This Chemistry learning module is of Multiple Choice Questions format. These are the SSC notes on the chapter Amazing World of Carbon Compounds. Learn this Chemistry quiz module daily to strengthen your Chemistry fundamentals and score full marks in SSC Board Exams. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Chemistry learning module to you.

Chapter 9: Amazing World of Carbon Compounds - SSC Notes

Multiple Choice Questions - Learning Mode

Question 1 » ______ is a good conductor of electricity.
Answer: Graphite

Question 2 » The property of direct bonding between atoms of the same element to form a chain is called ______.
Answer: catenation

Question 3 » The molecular weight of two adjacent members in homologous series of alkanes differs by ______.
Answer: 14

Question 4 » ______ is used to prepare carbon black.
Answer: Methane

Question 5 » The crystalline allotrope of carbon is ______.
Answer: diamond

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