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Understanding Metals and Nonmetals SSC

Welcome! Here, we present Set 01 of True or False quiz on Understanding Metals and Non-metals. Understanding Metals and Non-metals is a chapter of Maharashtra SSC class 10 Science textbook. This is True or False test with marks and answers. Solve five important True or False questions of Understanding Metals and Non-metals to strengthen your fundamentals and score full marks in SSC Class 10 Board exams. These are free online True or False tests. Our tests are designed and thoroughly checked by experts and are completely error-free. Quizcrazy.in team is proud to present this quiz on Understanding Metals and Nonmetals to you.

Chapter 08: Understanding Metals and Nonmetals

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01 Corrosion of metals can be prevented if the contact between metal and air is cut off.

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02 Coating of corrosive metals with non-corrosive metals cannot prevent rusting.

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03 In galvanizing, a metal is covered with another metal using electrolysis.

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04 In anodizing, metals like copper are electrically coated with a thin strong film of their oxides.

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05 An alloy is a heterogenous mixture of two or more metals.

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01 02 03

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