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School of Elements Notes | SSC Class 10 Science | Set 1

Welcome to School of Elements notes in Fill in the blanks format. School of Elements is a chapter in Maharashtra 10th SSC Board Science Textbook. Ten important questions are given on School of Elements. Fill in the blanks notes on School of Elements help to improve the understanding of the chapter and help you to score better marks in the exams. This is Set 1 of School of Elements notes. These are free online SSC Class 10 Science notes. Our notes and tests are designed and thoroughly checked by experts and are completely error-free. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present School of Elements notes to you.

School of Elements Notes Set 1

School of Elements: Fill in the blanks Notes

SSC Class 10 Science Notes

1. ......... created the first periodic table containing all the known elements at that time. Mendeleev
2. Elements were classified as metals and nonmetals based on their ......... physical states
3. Atomic number is the number of ......... present in the nucleus of an atom. protons
4. Modern periodic table is divided into ......... blocks. 4
5. Elements of group 1 and 2 are called .........-block elements. s
6. Newlands found that every ......... element had properties similar to that of the first. eighth
7. At the time of Newlands only ......... elements were known. (65/56/85) 56
8. Mendeleev believed that atomic ......... of element was the most fundamental property in classifying the elements. mass
9. Eka-boron was named as ......... Scandium
10. Eka-aluminium was named as ......... Gallium

SSC Class 10 Science

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