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GK Quiz on Moon in MCQ format (16 to 20)

Improve your General Knowledge with Quiz on Moon

GK Quiz on Moon is an online FREE quiz wherein your knowledge on Moon is tested. Here, we present a multiple choice questions format quiz on Moon. This quiz is totally based on latest available data on Moon. There are many questions to attempt. Attempt this GK online quiz daily to strengthen your General Knowledge fundamentals of Moon. Quizcrazy.in team is proud to present this GK quiz to you.
GK Quiz on Moon in Multiple Choice Questions format from 16 to 20

Let's begin the quiz:

16 The diameter of Moon is about ______ kilometres.


17 In terms of size, Moon is roughly ______ the size of Earth.


18 The volume of Moon is only ______ percent the volume of the Earth.


19 Mass of Moon is about ______ x 10 22 kilograms.


20 A moon day is equal to ______ earth days.


GK Quiz on Moon:

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