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Roman Numerals Quiz - Set 02

Improve your skills of Roman Numerals with our Free Tests

Here, we present Roman numerals quiz. The aim of this quiz is very simple, to improve understanding of Roman Numerals. Roman numerals quiz is a very interesting tool to strengthen your knowledge of Roman numbers. Roman numerals quiz is a multiple choice quiz. This Roman numerals quiz is with answers. Knowing correct Roman numerals is very important for good knowledge of Maths. There are many questions to attempt. Attempt this Roman numerals online quiz daily to strengthen your concept of Roman numbers. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Roman numerals quiz to you.
06 In Roman numeral system, the letter 'I' denotes the number ______.

Options are:

07 The letter 'L' denotes the number ______.

Options are:

08 The letter 'CD' stands for the number ______.

Options are:

09 The letter 'DC' denotes the number ______.

Options are:

10 The letter 'MM' stands for ______.

Options are:

01 02 03 04

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