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Natural Resources (Learn FIB) - Set 01

Natural Resources is a chapter of SSC class 9 Geography textbook. Here, we present learning module of fill in the blanks on Natural Resources. This module is totally based on latest Geography textbook of SSC Board. This learning module contains 10 questions in fill in the blanks format. Learn this Geography module on Natural Resources to score full marks in SSC class 9 exams. Our learning modules are designed and thoroughly checked by experts and are completely error-free. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Class 9 Geography learning module on Natural Resources to you.

Question 1: Supply of water to crops by artificial means like wells, canals and lakes is called ______.
Answer: irrigation

Question 2: Out of the total irrigated area in Maharashtra, the share of well irrigation is ______%.
Answer: 55

Question 3: ______ soil is also known as regur soil.
Answer: Black

Question 4: ______ soil is used for paddy cultivation and horticulture in Konkan.
Answer: Laterite

Question 5: Soil ______ takes place due to excessive use of soil.
Answer: degredation

Question 6: ______ state is the leading producer of Manganese in India.
Answer: Maharashtra

Question 7: ______ is an important energy resource used in railway transportation.
Answer: Coal

Question 8: ______, a compound of carbon and hydrogen, is a source of energy.
Answer: Crude oil

Question 9: ______ is a major oil and natural gas field of India.
Answer: Mumbai High

Question 10: In Maharashtra, ______% of irrigated area is under lift irrigation.
Answer: 8

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