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Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution is a chapter in Maharashtra 10th SSC Board History Textbook. Here, we present Fill in the blanks questions on Russian Revolution. This quiz is totally based on latest History Textbook of SSC Board. This History learning module is of Fill in the blanks format. Learn this History quiz on Russian Revolution daily to strengthen your History fundamentals and score full marks in SSC Board Exams. Quizcrazy.in team is proud to present this learning module on Russian Revolution to you.

Q) Fill in the blanks :

Question 1 » Karl Marx was a ______ philosopher.
Answer: German

Question 2 » According to Karl Marx, the ______ group should set in motion social change.
Answer: second

Question 3 » ______, the Menshevik leader, headed the provisional government.
Answer: Kerensky

Question 4 » The event known as 'Bloody Sunday' took place in the year ______.
Answer: 1905

Question 5 » Rasputin was a Siberian ______.
Answer: monk


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