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Emancipation of Africa

Emancipation of Africa is a chapter in Maharashtra 10th SSC Board History Textbook. Here, we present Fill in the blanks questions on Emancipation of Africa. This quiz is totally based on latest History Textbook of SSC Board. This History learning module is of Fill in the blanks format. Learn this History quiz on Emancipation of Africa daily to strengthen your History fundamentals and score full marks in SSC Board Exams. Quizcrazy.in team is proud to present this learning module on Emancipation of Africa to you.

Q) Fill in the blanks :

Question 1 » Up to the end of 18th century, ______ was regarded as a 'Dark Continent'.
Answer: Africa

Question 2 » ______ was the first European country to establish a permanent colony in Africa.
Answer: Portugal

Question 3 » Jomo Kenyayya started the ______ movement in Kenya.
Answer: Mau-Mau

Question 4 » King Leopold II acquired huge wealth in ______.
Answer: Congo

Question 5 » ______ was the first European country engaged in the slave trade.
Answer: Portugal



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