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All About Electromagnetism Notes | SSC Class 10 Science | Set 2

Welcome to All About Electromagnetism Notes in Fill in the blanks format. Ten important questions are given on All About Electromagnetism. Fill in the blanks notes on All About Electromagnetism help to improve the understanding of the chapter and help you to score better marks in the exams. This is Set 2 of All About Electromagnetism Fill in the blanks Notes. These are free online SSC Class 10 Science notes. Our notes and tests are designed and thoroughly checked by experts and are completely error-free. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present All About Electromagnetism Notes to you.

All About Electromagnetism Notes Set 2

All About Electromagnetism: Fill in the blanks Notes

SSC Class 10 Science Notes

1. The tangent at any point on the magnetic line of force gives the ......... of the magnetic field at that point.direction
2. Magnetic lines do not ......... each other. intersect
3. Hans Christian ......... discovered electromagnetism. Oersted
4. John Ambrose ......... suggested his famous Left Hand Rule in electromagnetism for motors.Fleming
5. A coil of many turns of insulated copper wire wrapped in the shape of a cylinder is called .......... solenoid
6. Current is a flow of .........charge
7. Electric current produces ......... field.magnetic
8. Electric generator works on the principle of electromagnetic ......... induction
9. Frequency of alternating current is ......... Hz in India. (Enter numericals)50
10. Electromagnet is a ......... magnet. temporary

SSC Class 10 Science

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