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The Electric Spark Notes | SSC Class 10 Science | Set 1

Welcome to The Electric Spark notes in Fill in the blanks format. The Electric Spark is a chapter in Maharashtra 10th SSC Board Science Textbook. Ten important questions are given on The Electric Spark. Fill in the blanks notes on The Electric Spark help to improve the understanding of the chapter and help you to score better marks in the exams. This is Set 1 of Fill in the blanks notes on The Electric Spark. These are free online SSC Class 10 Science notes. Our notes and tests are designed and thoroughly checked by experts and are completely error-free. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present The Electric Spark notes to you.

The Electric Spark Notes Set 1

The Electric Spark: Fill in the blanks Notes

SSC Class 10 Science Notes

1. The SI unit of electric potential is the ......... volt
2. To increase the effective resistance in a circuit, the resistors are connected in ......... series
3. 1 watt = 1 ......... per second joule
4. In an electric bulb, a ......... filament is used. tungsten
5. According to Ohm’s law, longer the length of wire, ......... is the resistance for given cross section of wire. greater
6. ......... is the electric discharge travelling from clouds at high potential to the earth. Lightning
7. In surgery finely heated ......... wire is used for cutting tissues much more efficiently than a knife. platinum
8. Heat energy produced is expressed in terms of ......... calorie
9. The equivalent resistance of a parallel combination is ......... than each of the individual resistance. smaller
10. The S.I. unit of electric current is ......... ampere

SSC Class 10 Science

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