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Wonders of Light Part 2

True or False Questions Quiz Questions / Std 10 SSC Science Notes / Maharashtra 10th SSC State Board

Wonders of Light Part 2 is a chapter in Maharashtra 10th SSC Board Physics Textbook. Here, we present True or False Questions Quiz Questions to learn on Wonders of Light Part 2. These questions are totally based on latest Science Textbook of SSC Board. This Physics learning module is of True or False Questions format. These are the SSC notes on the chapter Wonders of Light Part 2. Learn this Physics quiz module daily to strengthen your Physics fundamentals and score full marks in SSC Board Exams. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Physics learning module to you.

Chapter 7: Wonders of Light Part 2 - SSC Notes

True or False Questions - Learning Mode

Question 6 » The phenomenon of splitting of light into its component colours is called spectrum.
Answer: False.

Question 7 » A prism is a transparent medium bound by two plane surfaces inclined at an angle.
Answer: True.

Question 8 » The velocity of light is different in different media.
Answer: True.

Question 9 » The sky appears blue due to the scattering of sunlight as it passes through the atmosphere.
Answer: True.

Question 10 » The angle made by the refracted ray of light with the normal at the point of incidence is called the angle of refraction.
Answer: True.

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