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The Music of Sound Learn FIB from 06 to 10

The Music of Sound is a chapter in Maharashtra SSC State Board Std 9 Physics Textbook. Here, we present fill in the blanks on The Music of Sound. This learning module is totally based on the latest Science Textbook of SSC Board. This Physics Learning Module is of fill in the blanks. There are many fill in the blanks to learn of The Music of Sound. Learn these Physics fill in the blanks daily to strengthen your Physics fundamentals and score full marks in School Exams. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Physics learning module to you.

Question 6: The speed of sound is maximum in ______ medium.
Answer: solid

Question 7: The speed of sound at 22 oC is ______ m/s in air medium.
Answer: 344

Question 8: Sound waves ______ medium for propagation.
Answer: material

Question 9: Technique of echocardiography is based upon reflecting property of ______ waves.
Answer: ultrasonic

Question 10: For determination of the depth of the sea, ______ technique is used.
Answer: sonar

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