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The Laws of Motion - Learn Fill in the blanks - Part 1

The Laws of Motion is a chapter in SSC Board Std 9 Science Textbook. Here, we present fill in the blanks on The Laws of Motion. This learning module contains five questions in fill in the blanks format. Learn these questions on the laws of motion thoroughly. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this science learning notes on the laws of motion to you.

Question 1: The tendency of a body to resist acceleration is called ______.
Answer: inertia

Question 2: In SI system, ______ is the unit of force.
Answer: newton

Question 3: In a collision, ______ is always conserved.
Answer: momentum

Question 4: The motion of rocket is based on Newton's ______ law of motion.
Answer: third

Question 5: Force is ______ between two objects.
Answer: interaction

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