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The Pull of the Earth Notes (FIB) - Set 03

The Pull of the Earth is a chapter of SSC Class 9 Science textbook. This is the Set 03 of our series on The Pull of the Earth. This learning module is totally based on latest Science textbook of SSC Board. Our notes are designed and thoroughly checked by experts and are completely error-free. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this SSC Science Class 9 learning notes to you.

Question 1: Weight is ......... at different places.
Answer: different

Question 2: Weight is maximum at .........
Answer: poles

Question 3: Weight is zero at the ......... of the earth.
Answer: centre

Question 4: The SI unit of weight is ......... (a / m / N / kg)
Answer: N

Question 5: When a body free falls towards the earth under the influence of earth's gravity alone, its motion is called .........
Answer: free fall

Question 6: During the fall, the air opposes its motion by applying a force of .........
Answer: friction

Question 7: The ratio of g(earth)/g(moon) is equal to .........
Answer: 6:1

Question 8: The value of acceleration due to gravity ......... as we move from equator to pole.
Answer: increases

Question 9: If the earth shrinks to half of its radius, its mass remains the same. The weight of an object on earth will change ......... times.
Answer: four

Question 10: ......... (Weight / Gravitational constant) depends on the altitude.
Answer: Weight

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