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Algebra SSC Class 10 - Model Question Paper for Practice Set 1

Here, we present Algebra SSC Class 10 Model Question Papers for Practice. These are based on latest board paper pattern. Solve these sample papes of algebra to gain maximum marks in SSC board exams. These practice papers are neatly arranged in series for your quick reference. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present SSC Algebra Sample question papers for practice for SSC students of class 10.
Algebra Question Paper for SSC students
Q1. Attempt any FIVE from the following: (5 Marks)
(i) Write the class mark for the class 10 - 19.
(ii) Write the values of a, b, c for the given quadratic equation 7x2 + 10x - 4 = 0
(iii) Write the values of a, b, c for the given quadratic equation 7x2 + 10x - 4 = 0
(iv) If Dx = 12 and D = 4 are the values of the determinants for ceertain simultaneous equations in x and y, find x.
(v) Two dice are thrown. Write the sample space S.
(vi) For a given sequence, find the next two terms 1, 4, 7, 10, ......
Q2. Attempt any FOUR from the following: (8 Marks)
(i) Write the next three terms of the AP whose first term is 11 and common difference is 1.
(ii) For an AP if t4 = 12 and d = 4, then find its general term.
(iii) Form a quadratic equation whose roots are 4 and 7.
(iv) For a certain frequency distribution, the values of mean and median are 101 and 100 respectively. Find the value of mode.
(v) What is the equation of X-axis? Hence find the point of intersection of X-axis and the line y = 3x + 5.
Q3. Attempt any THREE from the following: (9 Marks)
(i) Solve the following simultaneous equation: ax + by = 5 and bx + qy = 3 where a and b are constants.
(ii) The measurements (in mm) of the diameters of the heads of screws are given below:

Diameter (in mm) Number of screws
33-35 10
36-38 19
39-41 23
42-44 21
45-47 27

Calculate mean diameter of head of screw by 'Assumed mean method'.

(iii) Draw a histogram to represent the following data:

Daily sales of a store (in rupees) Number of days in a month
0-1000 2
1000-2000 12
2000-3000 10
3000-4000 4
4000-5000 2
(iv) Solve by formula method: 2n2 + 5n + 2 = 0
Q4. Attempt any THREE from the following: (12 Marks)
(i) A meeting hall has 20 seats in the first row, 24 seats in the second row, 28 seats in the third row and so on. It has in all 30 rows. How many seats are there in the meeting hall?
(ii) Solve: (x2 + x)(x2 + x - 7) + 10 = 0
(iii) Solve: 1/x + 1/y = 8; 4/x - 2/y = 2
(iv) Two digit numbers are formed from the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 where digits are not repeated. Find the probability of the events that: (a) the number formed is an even number. (b) The number formed is greater than 40. (c) The number formed is a prime number.
Q5. Attempt any TWO from the following: (10 Marks)
(i) The sum of areas of two squares is 400 sq. m. If the difference between their perimeters is 16 m, find the sides of two squares.
(ii) Sharad bought a table and a fan together for Rs. 5000. After sometime, he sold the table at a gain of 25% and the fan at a gain of 20%. Thus he gained 23% on the whole. Find the cost of the fan.
(iii) If the sum of p terms of an A.P. is equal to the sum of q terms of an A.P., then show that sum of its (p + q) terms is zero.

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