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Algebra SSC Class 10 - Model Question Paper for Practice Set 2

Here, we present Algebra SSC Class 10 Model Question Papers for Practice. This is the second practice paper of Algebra. These are based on latest board paper pattern. Solve these sample papes of algebra to gain maximum marks in SSC board exams. These practice papers are neatly arranged in series for your quick reference. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present SSC Algebra Sample question papers for practice for SSC students of class 10.
Algebra Question Paper for SSC students
Q1. Attempt any FIVE from the following: (5 Marks)
(i) Write the values of a, b, c for the given quadratic equation x2 - x + 3 = 0
(ii) If n(S) = 10 and n(A) = 100, then find P(A).
(iii) Check whether (2,3) is the solution of 2x + 3y = 12 or not.
(iv) If Dy = 50 and D = 2 are the values of the determinants for ceertain simultaneous equations in x and y, find y.
(v) Three coins are tossed. Write the sample space S.
(vi) Find the value of x in the equation x + y = 10 if y = 4.
Q2. Attempt any FOUR from the following: (8 Marks)
(i) For a certain frequency distribution, the values of mean and mode are 54.6 and 54 respectively. Find the value of median.
(ii) Find the sum of first 11 positive numbers which are multiples of 6.
(iii) Solve by factorization method: 21x = 96 - x2
(iv) Two coins are tossed simultaneously. Write the probability of getting two tails.
(v) Find the value of the following determinant:
Q3. Attempt any THREE from the following: (9 Marks)
(i) If one root of the quadratic equation kx2 - 5x + 2 = 0 is 4 times the other, find k.
(ii) Solve by factorization method: 9x2 - 16 = 0
(iii) The sum of first 55 terms of an AP is 3300. Find its 28th term.
(iv) Frequency distribution of distance travelled in kilometres per litre of petrol by difference mopeds os given below:

Distance in km Number of mopeds
62-65 5
65-68 8
68-71 12
71-74 28
74-77 35
77-80 10
80-83 2

Calculate modal distance travelled per litre by a moped.

Q4. Attempt any THREE from the following: (12 Marks)
(i) Find the sum of all numbers from 1 to 140 which are divisible by 4.
(ii) Solve by completing the square method: x2 + 3x + 1 = 0
(iii) Find the mean using step deviation method:

Class interval Frequency
10-16 1
16-22 10
22-28 5
28-34 3
34-40 6
(iv) Solve the following simultaneous equations by Cramer’s Rule: x + 2y + 4 = 0 ; 3x = – 4y – 6
Q5. Attempt any TWO from the following: (10 Marks)
(i) The product of four consecutive positive integers is 840. Find the largest number.
(ii) Durga’s mother gave some 10 rupee notes and some 5 rupee notes to her which amounts to Rs. 190.Durga said, “If the number of 10 rupee notes and 5 rupee notes would have been interchanged, I would have Rs. 185 in my hand.” So, how many notes of rupees 10 and rupees 5 were given to Durga?
(iii) The marks scored by students in mathematics in a certain examination are given below.

Marks scored Number of students
1-20 3
21-40 8
41-60 19
61-80 18
81-100 6

Draw the histogram to represent the following data.

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