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ICSE Biology: Transpiration

Standard 10 ICSE Biology Notes / Fill in the Blanks

Transpiration is a chapter in ICSE Standard 10th Board Biology Textbook. Here, we present Fill in the blanks quiz questions to learn on Transpiration. This learning module is totally based on latest Biology Textbook of ICSE Board. These questions are totally based on latest Science Textbook of ICSE Board. This Biology learning module is of Fill in the blanks format. These are the ICSE Biology standard 10 notes on the chapter Transpiration. Learn this Biology quiz module daily to strengthen your Biology fundamentals and score full marks in ICSE Board Exams. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Biology learning module to you.
Fill in the blanks - Learning Mode

Question 11 » The process by which intact plant loses water in the form of droplets is called _________.
Answer: guttation

Question 12 » _________ is a plant in which stomata are sunken.
Answer: Nerium

Question 13 » _________ is the structure in a leaf which allows guttation.
Answer: hydathodes

Question 14 » Transpiration helps in creating _________ force.
Answer: suction

Question 15 » With decrease in atmospheric pressure, the rate of transpiration will _________. (increase / decrease)
Answer: increase

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