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Metallurgy - FIB Notes (Set 01)

Metallurgy is a chapter of ICSE class 10 Chemistry textbook. This is the second part of our fill in the blanks learning series on Metallurgy. Learn this Chemistry test questions on Metallurgy to score full marks in ICSE class 10 Board exams. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Metallurgy learning notes to you.

Question 1: Metals form ______ oxides. (acidic/basic)
Answer: basic

Question 2: Metallic oxides are ______. (electrovalent/covalent)
Answer: electrovalent

Question 3: ______ is a series of metals arranged according to their decreasing reactivity.
Answer: Activity series

Question 4: CuO is ______ in colour.
Answer: black

Question 5: PbO is ______ in colour.
Answer: yellow

Question 6: CuCO3 is ______ in colour.
Answer: green

Question 7: The metal which is placed last in the activity series is ______.
Answer: silver

Question 8: The metal which is placed first in the activity series is ______.
Answer: potassium

Question 9: The naturally occuring minerals from which metals can be extracted profitably and conveniently are called ______.
Answer: ores

Question 10: The chemical name for the compound KNO2 is ______.
Answer: potassium nitrite

Metallurgy FIB Notes: 01 02

Metallurgy FIB Tests: 01 02


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