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Machines - Physics ICSE Class 10 Notes - Set 2

Machines is a chapter in ICSE Class 10 Physics Textbook. This is set 2 of notes on the chapter of Machines. There are free objectives flash cards as notes. You can download these free notes on machines. This learning module is totally based on latest Physics Textbook of ICSE Board. Learn this Physics module daily to strengthen your Physics fundamentals and score full marks in ICSE Board Exams. Quizcrazy.in and team presents ICSE Physics Class 10 Notes on Machines to you.

Machines - ICSE PHYSICS Class 10 Notes

Learning Notes on Machines

Machines icse class 10 notes
Question: What is mechanical advantage?
Answer: The ratio of the load to the effort is called the mechanical advantage of the machine.

Definition of mechanical advantage

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Machines icse class 10 notes
Question: What is velocity ratio?
Answer: The ratio of the velocity of effort to the velocity of load is called the velocity ratio of machine.

Definition of velocity ratio

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Machines icse class 10 notes
Question: What is efficiency?
Answer: Efficiency of a machine is the ratio of the useful work by the machine to the work put into the machine by the effort.

Definition of efficiency

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