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ICSE: Force

Standard 10 ICSE Physics Notes / Fill in the Blanks

Force is a chapter in ICSE Standard 10th Board Physics Textbook. Here, we present Fill in the blanks quiz questions to learn on Force. This learning module is totally based on latest Physics Textbook of ICSE Board. These questions are totally based on latest Science Textbook of ICSE Board. This Physics learning module is of Fill in the blanks format. These are the ICSE Physics standard 10 notes on the chapter Force. Learn this Physics quiz module daily to strengthen your Physics fundamentals and score full marks in ICSE Board Exams. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this Physics learning module to you.
Fill in the blanks - Learning Mode

Question 1 » A _________ is that physical cause that changes or tends to change either the size or the shape or the state of rest or of motion of the body.
Answer: force

Question 2 » The forces which are applied on bodies by making a physical contact are called _________ forces.
Answer: contact

Question 3 » Frictional force is a type of _________ force.
Answer: contact

Question 4 » The force in the string which pulls the body upwards and which balances the weight of the body is called force of _________.
Answer: tension

Question 5 » The forces experienced by bodies even without being physically touched are called _________ forces.
Answer: non-contact

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