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Sound: Fill in the blanks notes

Sound is a chapter of ICSE class 10 Physics textbook. Here, we present fill in the blanks notes on Sound. These notes are totally based on latest Physics textbook of ICSE Board. This learning module contains five questions in fill in the blanks format. Learn this Physics module on Sound to score full marks in ICSE class 10 Board exams. Our notes are designed and thoroughly checked by experts and are completely error-free. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present Sound chapter notes to you.
Sound Fill in the Blanks - Notes

Sound FIB 1:

Human ears are sensitive only to a limited range of sound frequencies from ......... Hz to 20,000Hz.


Sound FIB 2:

The sound of frequency above 20,000 Hz is called .........


Sound FIB 3:

The sound of frequency below 20 Hz is called .........


Sound FIB 4:

The maximum displacement of the particle of medium on either side of its mean position is called ......... of wave.


Sound FIB 5:

The time taken by a particle of medium to complete one vibration is called ......... of wave.

time period

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