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Define Work Flashcard | ICSE Physics

Welcome! Here, we present flashcard on Define Work to you. These flashcards are on Work Energy Power which is a chapter of ICSE class 10 Physics textbook. We present flashcard notes on Define Work. You can learn about Define Work very easily with the help of flashcards. These are FREE online flashcard notes. You can also download these flashcards for free. Our flashcards are designed and thoroughly checked by experts and are completely error-free. Quizcrazy.in and team is proud to present this flashcard on Define Work to you.

Define Work - Flashcard

ICSE Physics Class 10

Define Work - Flashcard

Define Work.
Answer: Work is said to be done only when the force applied on a body makes the body move.

Define Work Flashcard:
Define Work
Image: Define Work

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Define Work Flashcard
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